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Mar 17, 2013 9:00am PDT
thourgs jobs if the administration would eliminate its ban on coastal virginia energy, here in our district that's being hit so hard by sequestration. our two u.s. senators, both democrats want it. the administration is holding that up. we have got to focus on job creation, that's the first place to go for new revenue. >> i do know that you took a lot of heat from our fellow republicans when you traveled to the newport news shipyard before the sequestesequester, are you about that coming back to bite you? because time and time again, that is a lot of revenue that i cited earlier. people are afraid of,primaried. >> i was raised by an iwo jima marine, he's still doing great, he was my inspiration to run and he taught me to protect my country. i offered the fellow who called me, please relate to the president that i accept with gratitude. we need more communication in washington, not less. it doesn't mean he capitulated, but civility is essential in our republic for us to get things done. it was the right thing to do, and i'm not worried about a primary. i feel good about how i'm repr
Mar 16, 2013 9:00am PDT
in florida, balancing the budget and that's what we need to do. he focused on energy, on food and technology, on the policy that is the liberals have that are stifling those issues and we need to look at republican policies that help support some of the greatest things that we have in this country, and that will make us a better country. >> the difference is that where jeb bush was governor, democrats wanted to work with him because they saw him as a good guy and someone that could show leadership for floridians. that's the problem in washington. we have a situation where republicans don't want this president to be successful, and you look at just the job numbers that just came out last month. 230,000 jobs being created. the republicans had nothing positive to say about this. so at some point you have to put party aside and put the country forward and move the country forward. it can't be about core convictions or about the republicans or democrats. it's about america at some point and moving this country in the right direction. >> all right. well, i'm going to let that be the last word. ali
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2